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TrixieHeart has started a donation pool!
2 / 100
Hi Everyone ! :D
I'm making a donation poll and saving up some points for DA stuff :3

Commissions or adoptables pay here :)

I would very appreciate if you donate (any amount would be very great)

Thank You :D

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TrixieHeart's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hello! :D
I'm Fafa, i make speedpaint videos, some animation (rarely and still training), or maybe gaming once i got some equipment.

I'm still learning on anatomy and shading, so yah don't expect too much :v

Youtube -…
Map Amino -…

Art Status :
1. Requests : Closed for now (Check my journal for asking request and the rules)
2. Commisions : Closed (i need to add more examples)
3. Art Trades : Open (Just ask me through note)
4. Collab : Friends Only

Animated avatar made by :iconllghtkitsune:


Shipping Contest Entry
Another contest entry I did on Amino :3
The background is not mine
I can't come up with a title :T
So, yah I tried color blending and change Zythian anatomy :v
Bui idk what to put here anymoar (°<°)
Wip Sketch
Doing a group thing on Map Amino. Here's a wip :v
Dress up as Patryck from Eddsworld
I got tagged by 2 people so, yah there is 2 different rules lol
Sorry if I upload this really late Shawkwarrd ;u;
I'm on my phone making this, so idk how to fix this (These word r bold and underlined)


1.Copy the rules.
2.Write 13 things about yourself.
3.Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions.
4.Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know that they are tagged.
5.Don't say ''You're tagged if you read this".
6.It is forbidden not to tag anyone.
7.Tag backs aren't allowed.
8.If you don't make this tag in a week, you need to obey a wish of the person who tags you (Just ignored this one, it's not included).

1. You must post these rules
2. Each person must share 13 things about them
3. Answer the 13 questions the tagger gave you and then invent 13 of your own
4. You must legitimately tag 13 people 
5. Tagbacks are allowed! 
6. You must make a journal entry

Tagged by :iconshawkwarrd: and :iconpastelcrystal1:

13 things about me :v
1. I'm introvert, so I'm a little bit awkward at talking even typing. So yah it took me long to reply sometimes ;u;
2. I preferred listening then talking, but if ur talking about something I like. We gonna talk for hours :P
3. I'm not a cat or dog person, cause I like both
4. I'm literary obsessed with Otome Games. Hahaha ;u;
5. Obsessed with animu too................recommend me a good anime in the comments, if ur reading this (●ω●)
6. I love to sing (°<°)
7. I can't draw haaaaaaaands (@口@)
8. I love good puns
9. Have 0 idea how to use Photoshop CS6 ;u;
10. Not use to pen pressure, messed me up when making lineart. Too sensitive XC
11. Terrible at naming OCs, I have a lot of nameless OC
12. Haven't beat Undertale genocide route (Sans battle ;A; )
13. Having a hard time making Creatures Of The Night storyboard ;u;

Question asked by Shawkwarrd
Your fave Music? (can you link it? XD)
I don't have a fave music, I like everything that sounds good to me
2. Fave Animal?
Horse :3
3. Your most "NOT MY TOPIC" thing?
Idk, I guess math (°A°)
4. If You exist in that movie/show you like? you want to be the(Protagonist/Antagonist?Hero?/Villain? other?)
Imma pick both protagonist and antagonist
5. Your spirit animal? XD
Idk :v
6. AYYYYYYYY *Finger guns*
*Finger guns back* B3
7.Your favorite Flower?
Dandelion, r they a flower...? Neh probably
Mountains, I love adventure :v
9.Morning Person/Night Person?
Night, it's more quiet (-ω-)
10. The thing that makes you laugh uncontrollable?
A lot of things from movies, games, IRL, etc 
11. Your Hobbies?
Games, but mostly drawing :P
12.Lets go and have a pempek (look i know most of you is like "WTF, WAT IS DAT'' or "WUT" and sort but ya'll gotta try it omg cryits basically savoury fishcake,also usually served with sweet-spicy Sauce or sour sauce  )
Come on let's go >:3
13.I hope you're having a good day! <33
Ty <3
You too :D <3

Question asked by PastelCrystal1 (waiting)


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